Training Courses

Learn music in a never before way
With the largest number of finest quality instruments in every discipline, TIIM offers a notable student instrument ratio which ranges between 5:1 to 1:1. This is where TIIM stands out. No headache on you to carry heavy instruments, rather we believe in taking care of our students in a 360 degree radius. TIIM has a strong group of faculty members. All faculty members are well trained and acclaimed musicians in respective disciplines. We emphasize on minimizing teacher- student ratio (ranges from 20:1 to 10:1) and maximizing teacher – student communication.


Examination& Certification

You get an opportunity to be enrolled under the most desirable international music exam boards like Trinity college of music, ABRSM, London College of music, the Rock School of UK. TIIM arranges an exclusive examination by the examiners coming straight from the international board. After successful completion of the course and examination, you get a certificate from board itself.

Career opportunity

There are loads of job opportunities abroad. In India, there has been a reserved section under cultural quota in which this gradation is a prerequisite, but people fail to achieve jobs under this quota since there is very less candidatures with acquired gradation.

TIIM gives immense support to the students for employment.

Additionally, there is a fully equipped recording studio and trained sound engineers / professional recordists exclusively for the students to record their musical endeavor.